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Uta∽Kata (うた∽かた) is the second anime from gímik, the main creative team behind Kiddy Grade, comprising of Keiji Gotoh (Director), Megumi Kadonosono (Character Design), and Hidefumi Kimura (Screenplay). Twelve episodes aired in Japan with a 13th 'OVA' episode released on DVD. It has been licensed for English subtitled release in the US by Section23 (Formerly ADV FIlms).
The series title has been written in English variously as Uta~Kata, Uta-Kata, Uta Kata or Utakata. The meaning is unclear, perhaps intentionally; the Kanji used in the logo (詩片) translate to 'poem' and 'fragment' or 'half of a pair' respectively, but the Kanji used in the ED song (泡沫) means ephemeral or transient like a bubble.

The series is about a girl named Ichika who's life changes completely one day when she meets a mysterious girl named Manatsu who comes from the other side of a mirror. The encounter causes the 12 stones on a charm bracelet, given to her by someone important, to change colour. In order to return the charm to normal, she has to experience in turn the powers of 12 'Djinn', spirits representing forces and elements of nature.

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